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Osteoporosis and Body Acidity



Maintaining a proper body alkalinity of approximately 7.4 is essential for bone health and reversing Osteoporosis.  Even a small deviation from that level will cause the body to take measures to restore balance.  Consumption of acid-producing foods can cause a blood and tissue alkaline imbalance.

In addition, both stress and normal metabolic processes such as digestion and detoxification can create acidity in the body.

Acid producing foods include sodas, coffee, alcohol, sugar, and excess amounts of meat.

If the body's alkaline pH drops to just 7.38, the body begins to breakdown your bones to access their alkalizing compounds. The bones serve as the body's storage for acid-neutralizing minerals. This can lead to further reduction of bone density. So it is critical that the diet is rich in alkaline fruits and vegetables, especially leafy greens.



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