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ABC's of Bone Health

In 2011 Dr. Kenneth Howayeck founded the Bone Health Made Easy concept and its book of the same title. Having first developed his now-popular "ABC" concept of bone health back in 2012, tens of thousands have since understood it and have greatly benefited from it.  ABC's fully-outlined version was later introduced by Dr. Howayeck at the National Osteoporosis Foundation Symposium in Chicago in 2015.

We are proud and honored that Dr. Howayeck is instrumental in the development of  the BONE HEALTH RESOURCE CENTER (BHRC), and in fact now works personally and continually with us here at Fern's Nutrition to further the BHRC's mission.



A -- Activity

"Activity" includes exercise and so much more. But the activities or fitness routine
you choose for improved bone health must clearly specify and clarify
those activities that will be reliably safe and effective for YOU.


Effective bone-producing activities actually cause variations of little earthquakes along lines of tension within all boney substance in our body.  Micro-impact activities and weight resistance activity are the most effective of all. Micro-impact is very powerful at stimulating bone.  Its practicality and relevance seem to apply to a greater number of individuals overall.

Micro-impact is applied quite easily to one's daily routines--as a general rule. Remember, to be realistic, it probably has to be enjoyable to be sustainable, otherwise you'll quit it eventually.

You also should choose the activity that has been determined to be

  • Appropriate for you and your situation

  • Performed correctly

  • Consistent - you must KEEP doing it--at least to your next bone density testing in 6 months so as to prove to you it works--and thus inspire you to continue it!


Examples of those with LESS EARTHQUAKE EFFECT -- or less shock-absorbing stimulation of bone production and THUS LESS EFFECTIVE FOR INCREASING YOUR BONE DENSITY ARE:

  • Swimming

  • Elliptical activity

  • Bicycling


REPETITIVE IMPACT ROUTINES are quite effective -- if they are in fact right for you:

Walking,   Running,   Dancing,   Skipping Rope,   Tennis

Walking Running Dancing Jumping Rope Playing Tennis



If deemed both appropriate and sustainable for you, and if performed properly, WEIGHT RESISTANCE activities can also be quite helpful toward improved bone health. This includes the usage of various personal training and Pilates routines, as well as other safe and established fitness programs that include repetitive and controlled weight resistance action. The beneficial physical effects seen on a microscopic level of bone certainly can be created through a similar and very productive "earthquake effect" of sorts within one's boney structure, thus effectively "pulling" boney stresses along dispersed lines of internal tension, thereby creating an electro-piezogenic effect on bone.

Ultimately, tiny and unwanted microscopic boney gaps can then act to "fill". This subtle "shock wave" of sorts helps to stimulate one's internal, microscopic boney matrix to expand, and thus create a proven, overall bone-stimulating effect throughout the body. Deep microscopic "tendon fibers" are stimulated on a local level. This physical action of tension, if continually repeated over time, can ultimately assist in creating new systemic, full-body bone all over, thus increasing one's systemic, overall bone density over time.

Further, the body--in its amazing wisdom---will demand that bone builds in accordance with these stresses, to grow in proportion to muscle growth and strength over time. The latter effect is always seen in body builders. Muscle resistance allows for muscle growth--and thus larger body structure. Bone will meet the demands of the muscles attached to them. Bone grows as muscles grow. Hence, you will never seen huge bodies with "pyoonie" bone!  The body just won't let that happen. Arnold (if he actually got to be Arnold without the use of steroids) certainly had great bone density, believe me. Had to! You know, the body is simply...amazing.

Not Right for YOU?

Then consider other options from the world of technology:

And yet, IF NONE of those seem do-able for you, for whatever reason, then your only choice might be to obtain that same mechanical effect from a technological device instead -- preferably the safe, micro-impact, vibrational kind! And if possible, a regular combination of  walking, running, etc. and a technological device would be ideal.  To augment or to replace the effects of this "A" Category above:  See two wonderful "A" Devices.

B-- "BAD Stuff" that gets greatly reduced from your daily consumption:

Smoking, soda, energy drinks, sugar, salt, animal protein, alcohol, and caffeine. Don't use any of those in excess. The 8 items above are listed in order of importance to eliminate.  (See article on acidity for more information on the negative effects of these items in the fight to reverse osteoporosis.)

Remember: Keep your daily consumption of REGULAR coffee to 3 cups a day or less, and your weekly meat intake (of all kinds) under very good control. Go easy on dairy too (= animal protein).

C-- "Complete Nourishment"

Calcium Alone?

Calcium alone just won't cut it. You can easily take too much calcium too, and yet you are unlikely to get enough from your diet. Each mineral plays a different role in making bone. Basically, you need minerals, your body cannot produce them, and yet today's food supply now has lower mineral levels than in previous decades.

Bone is much more than just Calcium. The organic mesh or "shelving" on which calcium is deposited in bones is made up of Trace Minerals and Protein. MCHC provides this unique source of Trace Minerals and Protein to create the "shelving" needed to build the strongest bones.

In the same way that a good home builder provides all the materials for a well-constructed home, MCHC provides a broad range of bone-building materials.   Not all Calcium is created equal.  See a list of Calcium products containing MCHC.

So, what does all this mean? You now must supplement your minerals so as to best assure adequate intake and optimal health. An outright assortment of minerals, such as essential silica formula, to match healthy bone content is very important--again, not just calcium.

Absorbable forms of minerals are also necessary, along with an assurance that you have their necessary carrier agents like Lactoferrin can actually make your calcium intake more effective and even safer.

Vitamin D levels need to be much higher than they currently are for most individuals, as most are consuming too little Vitamin D these days, and too few are testing regularly for their Vitamin D levels as well. Technically, one does not truly know how much Vitamin D to take unless they know-and-apply what their current D level is! Know it, and place your current number into a table to determine current proper Vitamin D dosing. Otherwise, you're simply guessing at it, plain and simple. The higher your D level, the healthier you are likely to be, and the less calcium you will ultimately require!


Impact exercises, complete nutrition and avoiding things
that compromise the health of your bones are actions
that you can and should be taking on a daily basis.



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