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Bone Health Book


Bone Health Made Easy Book


Why most people should consider having an Ultrasound Bone Density Test NOW,
and why they should have it done more often than ever before.

What remedies really, really work!

Dr. Howayeck himself has personally screened thousands, and has
made a point over the years to directly ask many as to what
apparently had WORKED to create bone density improvement
for them and, for others, why they seemed to have WORSENED instead!
Learn what--in the field of bone health--is "real", and what is absolute

Get an understanding of what we REALLY need to know about these
things, without all the needless complexities, untruths, and ambiguity
that exists around the issue of osteoporosis, its management,
and its prevention!

Price: $7.95  Purchase Now

About the author, Ken Howayeck:
Retired, Bd. Certified Foot and Ankle Surgeon.
Certified Speaker, Foundation for Osteoporosis Education and Research.


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