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Personal Bone Health Consultation with Dr. Kenneth Howayeck

Bone Health Help

Why Does Dr. Ken Offer This Program?

Dr. Ken offers the "Bone Health Help" program on these IMPORTANT premises: Low bone density issues in this country are huge. These issues are rapidly growing while our overall approach is nothing short of horrible. However, over the past several years, Dr. Ken Howayeck, or as many of us know him as "Dr. Ken", has been very successful with these problems. He realized quite some time ago that real results in healthcare--across the board--are often well "beyond the copay" for each of us. Your doctor clearly has various limitations on what he/she can actually do to reliably raise your bone density within a very short time. Drugs are often the only answer that comes from the doctor. Ironically, this is not always the safest measure for the patient, nor even the most appropriate one for her.

So, Do YOU Need Medication For Your Bone Density?

Maybe, maybe not. Even if you do, you then need to utilize its alternatives even MORE, so as to properly augment that drug's success in the end. At times, a given doctor honestly does not have the knowledge and ability to educate you properly in this area. And if the doctor DID have the knowledge and ability to do so, that doctor still needs to have the willingness  and the extensive time available to him to be successful with you with this issue.

Dr. Ken has had many years experience as a board certified Foot and Ankle Surgeon in private practice. His experience with this improved further after retiring, writing the book Bone Health Made Easy, and having many patients confide in him their frustrations and failures with their own doctors in this area. He has come to see first-hand over the years what is necessary for a doctor to get a genuine, meaningful result with a patient with her own personal bone health improvement.

What is Necessary for a Doctor to Get Results?

What is it? Enough time! Enough time to formulate an appropriate, effective, meaningful, personal plan. How much time? About 2-3 hours in most cases! What doctor will spend that with you? How can they? But guess what? The reality is that that is how long it takes! And who says those 2-3 hours must occur all at once? Who says that it has to occur in a treatment room either?

So, why so long -- this 2-3 hours? Simply because a comprehensive action plan is necessary for you in the end--if you are genuinely serious about succeeding with it. You might now need to be armed with a new lifestyle, and with new tools. You must stop with some of your many longstanding and detrimental habits. You must apply easy and sound principles, and be able to commit these to memory, while having an appropriate and sensible reference to go back to. This cannot be done well unless a conversation allows for it, one that enables coverage of the ABC principles as they apply to YOU. One must reveal to the educator all that they have been doing over the years--both bad and good. Adjustments are often needed. Breakthroughs can come forth!  Some of them are fascinating ones. Some are super simple ones too! But this take time. And the conversation must occur with one who is patient, capable and  willing. Who might that be? Well, Dr. Ken himself.

How Does a Bone Health Help Consultation Work?

Bone Health Help (BHH) understands that you are probably a pretty busy individual. BHH understands that one's attention span is often limited as well, and that anyone can get easily overwhelmed at any time when a session allows that to happen. A few short sessions, he has found, are far more appealing than one big one, and are also much more effective in the end. So we proceed to schedule as we go along, enacting a few sessions according to YOUR schedule, as well as with Dr. Ken's. Typically this is a very easy matter.

  • We do these BHH's either by phone, or by email, or both. Everything within this program is intended to make you comfortable, and to ultimately have it WORK very reliably in the end.

  • One fee is needed to start BHH, one that is a reasonable and flat amount, one that is simply taken care of right at the beginning. No "figurative meters" once it starts. No added fees for his time later--ever. He will also allot for the more extensive time that is often needed for many. He is very generous with his time, is patient, and you will never feel that he is ever looking at his watch when working with you.

  • Nothing is forced on you with BHH. No reprimands will ever occur, nor personal judgments, egos, feeling betrayed, or his insisting that you do anything. It's your bones. You either want to improve, or you don't. But in offering effective solutions for you, you will find that he will miss very little as he goes through the A's, B's and C's with you. You will hear about a LOT of sensible and effective options for you.

    Clearly, there are many ways to help you with your bone health, and you certainly must determine what your OWN options are according to your own particular situation. Yet, TECHNICALLY, THE MORE YOU PLACE ON YOUR ACTION PLAN -- AND THE MORE YOU COMPLY WITH IT OVER A 6-MONTH PERIOD --THE BETTER YOUR RESULTS IN THE END!

    Dr. Ken will make the menu real, extensive, comprehensive, sensible, safe, and appropriate to YOU. Like with sitting in a restaurant, you must do the ordering. You must do the eating. YOU know what you will swallow, and ONLY you know that. This is what so many like about Dr. Ken's approach to bone health. But you will see a menu unlike any you have EVER encountered, believe me. And all myths and unrealistic concepts will be revealed in the process.

  • Before and after testing is absolutely encouraged. Spread out as soon as 6 months apart, in fact. This is to allow the BHH program's feet to be held to the fire. We know it works. It will reveal also whether you have been compliant with it or not.

  • An action plan is arrived at for you in the end. It will be one that you agree with, and that makes sense to you. Dr. Ken will email this action plan of yours to you to have as a reference. Yours and his, if he did his job, will likely be very, very similar in the end!

    As you might know, good results often warrant going beyond medical approaches, and even beyond the copay. No, insurance doesn't cover this. It is prevention. It is education. It is personal counseling. It is holistic. It is much less limited or constrained.

Two questions for you now:
Who else provides this type of program?
Are you genuinely serious about getting better?


Lastly: Dr. Ken, as a retired podiatrist, also happens to also perform long-distance PODIATRY Coaching as well, and even in a very similar manner--as a very capable and experienced health professional who now, and quite uniquely, owes no allegiance at all to his colleagues. Only to you--quite a rarity. Further, Dr. Ken is not trying to get you into his practice, as he prefers to no longer have one.

You will simply hear the raw truth about the good OR bad care you've gotten. And basically, if he says you need to do something/have something done, do rest assured that he benefits Not from that suggestion. It is simply the truth. As a strong and very honest patient advocate, Dr. Ken wrote another self-help book a while back titled "My Foot Is Killing Me!" He also hosted a popular, live call-in radio talk show called Foot Notes. All in all, he enjoys telling it just like it really, really is. And boy, can he TEACH!


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