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Free Bone Health Presentations by Dr. Kenneth Howayeck



Dr. Ken Howayeck provides free Bone Health Made Easy lectures throughout southern California. Dr. Ken holds an enormous resume of bone health education credentials and of books authored, and has conducted various programs over the years. He has taught at the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF) Convention in Chicago, and has advised NOF attendees on the proper manner of conducting an appealing and very effective bone health event.

Dr. Ken has a very comfortable teaching style, and has enjoyed many terrific reviews and evaluations throughout the United States. This presentation is often well attended and always geared specifically toward those who are in attendance at the time. These talks are always complete with interesting array of colorful Power Point slides, his own physical teaching tools and props, as well as an practical and subsequent Question-and-Answer session.

Please book these one-hour events with Dr. Ken directly. If within a 35 mile radius of Long Beach, California there is no fee for this presentation. His cell phone number is (925) 858-5696 and his email address is Lectures are provided free of charge.

If onsite ultrasound screenings are desired to be included in his presentation, Dr. Ken can provide these services as well, and would agree to do so for a very affordable rate (as hourly, or per-screening).