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Bone Density Testing

Unique, New, High Quality Ultrasound Bone Density Testing

Safe, Affordable, Comfortable, Accurate, Fast, Vital

Why Get Tested?

  • Half of all women, and a quarter of men over the age of 50 will experience on osteoporosis-related
    stress fracture eventually.

  • 1 in 4 women over 50 will become disabled as a result of osteoporosis.

  • 1 in 5 of those women will permanently move into a nursing home within a year of an
    osteoporosis-related fracture.

  • 25% of those experiencing a hip fracture (men and women) will never walk again.

  • Deaths from osteoporosis-related injuries in women outnumber those from breast, uterine, and
    ovarian cancers combined.

How it Works

Our testing is performed using a non-radiation,
ultrasound machine that immediately
determines the bone density of a person's
heel bone.  As a weight-bearing bone of similar
density to the hip, the heel is an excellent
indicator of hip bone strength as well as
overall bone health.

Results are charted for each patient on a graph, as shown below.

  • Green indicates healthy bone tissue.

  • Yellow represents the weakening of bone tissue known as osteopenia.

  • Red denotes the presence of osteoporosis.  The curved line shows the gradual weakening of bone density in the average woman as she ages. 

Each color represents a different level of fracture risk.  Improvement is typically quite attainable.

Why This Unique, New Approach to Bone Density Self-Monitoring

  • Testing should be done early and often.  This method allows for early detection of bone weakening and is convenient enough to allow for frequent follow-up screenings.

  • Testing takes 2-4 minutes.  Results are provided immediately through friendly explanation and clear recommendations.

  • Always safe.  There is no need for approval by your doctor.  If results indicate a problem, a recommendation for you to see your doctor will be given.

  • Affordable.  Testing is very affordable and discounts for large groups can be arranged.

About the Doctor

As a board certified foot and ankle surgeon, author and lecturer, Dr. Kenneth Howayeck is passionate about combating osteoporosis.  He retired from 22 years of private practice in order to address bone health education in a way that he feels is most genuine and effective, but often underutilized.
Through his company, Five Star Onsite Testing, Dr. Howayeck provides onsite ultrasound bone density
screenings and osteoporosis counseling at events, expos, senior living centers, doctors' offices, as well at many corporations.

Onsite Bone Density Screenings Offered Through the Fern's Website:

(Screenings Available to Residents in a Limited Area of Southern California)

For this type of screening, Dr. Howayeck will come to you.  He will personally perform the Ultrasound Bone Density screenings of the heel.  The fee will depend on travel distance and the number of people being screened.

The location used for this service is your choice and can even include a home setting. 

The minimum fee assumes that 1, 2, or 3 people will be screened in succession at that chosen setting that day.  The fee is the total for the three people. The assigned fee is a flat one for the visit, whether 1, 2, or 3 screenings are to be performed at that chosen setting that day. 

On-the-spot test results will be interpreted by Dr. Ken.  This service is included in the fee, along with a brief counseling session with solutions for each individual screened.

The fee will be determined by the number of persons screened and the distance traveled by Dr. Ken.
You will find his affordable fee will be a fraction of cost of a Lifeline Screening.

Call or email now to schedule your onsite bone density screening.

Contact Dr. Ken Howayeck :
Phone: (925) 858-5696   Email Address:


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